Recently discovered in the Library Archives and re-typed by Joan Rossler – 2011.



       The Haddon Heights Public Library, under the guidance of Library Director Irene Monti has set aside an area in the downstairs section of the Library for displaying Historical artifacts and memorabilia concerning the history of the area of Camden County, New Jersey now comprising the Borough of Haddon Heights.

A number of donors and observers of the local history collection had discussed with Mrs. Monti the desirability of requesting a number of persons whose families ere a part of the establishment development, and early history of Haddon Heights to assist her in forming committees to advance the progress the Library has made in gathering written histories, maps, pictures, deeds, artifacts, and records of all kinds regarding the history of farmers, houses, businesses, sub-divisions, churches, schools, various organizations.  The objective is to have the history of Haddon Heights, including each and every organization, each church, temple, fraternal order, service club, social club, temples, etc.  All the data is to be coordinated and printed in book form for posterity.  It is planned to engage a professional writer to pull all the historical records together in interesting form.

Minutes of the 1st Organization Meeting of the Historical Society of Haddon Heights

Date:  Friday, September 27, 1974, 8:00 P.M.
Place:  Downstairs room of the Haddon Heights Public Library, 608 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ

Moderator:  Clemens Titzck of 16 Second Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ

Mr. Titzck stated the purpose of the meeting as described in the preceding prefatory remarks.  He named a Temporary Board of Governors consisting of Mrs. Constance Hamilton Ibbeken, Mrs. Gladys Sutven Tunstall, and Mrs. Josephine Crookes Cowthra.

The next meeting was scheduled for Nov. 5, 1974.

Gladys M. Tunstall acted as chairperson.  Robert C. Stanfill acted as Recording Secretary.  Thomas Porter took the roll of those present.

Those present looked at the Library local history collection.  A number of artifacts were presented by those attending.


Mayor Jos. McCullough, Jr. related the accomplishments of the Haddonfield Historical Society.  He offered the services of the Borough Government to assist the new organization in any way it can do so.  He announced his hopes for eventually setting up architectural standards for all new businesses in Haddon Heights.

Mrs. Alice Brown read a history of the house at 1019 Park Ave which is now her house – originally built about 1712 and which is described in “A New Jersey Landmark.”

Mrs. Pricilla Lippincott Pohl discussed her grandfather and great-grandfather, Quakers who came to Haddon Heights from Haddonfield.  Homestead at 7th and Green.  Her great-grandfather’s cousin lived on Sycamore Street.  Her house at 2nd and Lippincott, and house at 2nd and Lippincott, and another house in Haddon Heights were originally a potato storage house – later divided into 3 parts and remodeled into the three different homes.  Her grandfather started a real estate business in Haddon Heights.  They built a number of houses in Haddon Heights including the “Kelly” house at 1st & Kings Highway.  They moved to Downingtown, Pa in 1922.

Mrs. Pohl’s father and mother operated the “Haddon Heights Inn.”

Among other places, the Lippincott’s once lived in the “The Nunnery” of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.

Speaker – Corine Hamilton Ibbeken said her father and mother bought lots and built the house purchased recently by Mrs. Josephine Cawthra in the 100 block of West Atlantic Ave – Mr. Lippincott built the Railroad Station and paid for it.  It included an apartment on the second floor.

Mr. Lippincott was also instrumental in getting train and trolley service to Haddon Heights.  He was responsible for building the first school in the community.

Speaker – Mrs. Louise A. Smith said she came to Haddon Heights from 50th and Baltimore Ave, Phila, Pa as a young bride and moved to 30 8th Ave.  She referred to Childs’ Grocery Store (predecessor to American Stores Co).  She referred to the Sutvin farm house at Kings Highway in Audubon about where Maisies Sunoco Station is now located.

Speaker – Clara Hand, formerly of 7th and Garden.

Gladys Sutven Tunstall made some interesting comments about her childhood in “Haddon Township” and “Center Township” before Haddon Heights was incorporated.

Speaker – John Reeves related his early recollections of the Borough.  His father was with the Boro Department of Public Works before the Shisslers were in charge.  John also referred to Doctor of Dentistry Carney as one of the early Democrats in Haddon Heights, along with “Wes Durfer.”

After considerable exchange of early tidbits by the older residents present, newer residents looked at and discussed the Library local history collection.

A request was made to get the history of all the organizations in town.

Robert C. Stanfill, who did not move to Haddon Heights until Oct 1, 1928 said he will see that a history of the Rotary Club is prepared for the Library history collection.  He said he helped to prepare the history of the Library; prepared the history of “The Forever Young Club of Haddon Heights” (senior citizens), and is working on an early history of the Republican Club.

A meeting was scheduled for November 5, 1974, and the meeting was adjourned.