On November 12, 1904, a group of citizens, spurred by growth in the newly-incorporated borough, called a town meeting regarding the need for fire protection. On the fifth of December in the same year, a special meeting was held in Floyds Hall at 711 Station Avenue that resulted in the formation of the Haddon Heights Vol. Fire Co. No.1. The company had fifty-two members and was led by Chief Charles A. Eckstein and Assistant Chief Charles G. Mathis. Monthly meetings were held either in Floyd’s Hall, Fries Hall, or the auditorium over Evaul’s Store. The first piece of equipment the department purchased was a hose cart with a seventy-gallon chemical tank.

Initially, members of the company were alerted to a fire by the banging of the original fire bell, which was a piece of Reading Railroad track that was welded into a circle and hung to be struck by a hammer. Then, on November 12, 1914, a 32-inch General Alarm Bell, which was rung by pulling on a rope, was installed in the cupula of the Town Hall (where the library currently is). The next year, the department purchased a Brockway Tractor-drawn 500 G.P.M. Steamer, from Engine Co. #3 in Camden, and the following year, the company bought a Model T Ford roadster to act as a tractor for the Hook and Ladder truck.

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